VIP Career Confidence 1:1 6-Month Coaching

After working with hundreds of women I’ve discovered that far too many feel this way.

These are strong and proud women who are more than qualified…yet…for some reason, they feel totally stuck. Everything seems fine, but underneath the surface these women are tired, frustrated, and becoming increasingly bitter.

This is why I created my V.I.P. Career Confidence Coaching Program, a 1-on-1 6 month coaching program for professional women

This program is meant for the woman who knows what she’s worth, who knows she could do better, but for some reason…cannot seem to get anywhere.

You see, many years ago I was in your exact same position.

Although my career seemed to be going well, I had this deep sense of unease which I couldn’t seem to shake. I knew that I was capable of so much more…I just couldn’t seem to make progress.   

Looking back now, realize that this was because of a lack of confidence and self-esteem. I didn’t have the courage to put myself out there and ask for what I was really worth. The other problem was that I lacked a sense of direction. I had no goals for my career, and no idea what I was supposed to be doing.

Instead, I simply drifted along.

I knew things had to change.

I knew that I was running out of time and didn’t want to wake up in ten years, still working the same unfulfilling job.

So I sat down and put together a plan that would help me change things

As I began to alter my mindset life gradually improved. I was given more responsibility and developed a new sense of purpose. Soon I changed jobs and started making more money.

And this is the most important thing you have to realize.

Getting ahead in your career is easier than you think…

…you just need to know how.

With my help you’re going to learn how to do this:

  • Imagine how much better life would be if you actually had a sense of direction?
  • If you could get your career on track and headed in the right direction?
  • If all of the pain and confusion was taken away?


Most importantly, imagine finally getting the promotion you know you deserve and earning what you’re actually worth.

With my help hundreds of women have achieved these goals

Here's the client V.I.P. journey you'll take with the program:

Visible (V) Level

You’ll understand what it takes to create a personal brand that stands out for maximum visibility. What visibility is, is the opportunity to communicate with clarity and explain to your hiring manager, hiring panel, or audience. with confidence.  What that does, is clear away the overwhelm and the doubt, which makes us either second guess ourselves or take no action whatsoever. And what that means is when it's time now to share the message of what you can do looking for this career, you'd stand out as the ideal candidate.  So that you can know your true worth, which ultimately means you can land the role that fits your purpose and passion working with a team who respects who you are and what you have done.

Implementation (I) Level

You’ll get step-by-step guidance through the career planning process so you can make steady progress, move forward without getting stuck and overcome with fear and overwhelm through the Implementation phase. I say Implementation. It's not just about holding your hand and helping you to put this plan in motion over the next six to seven months, though we are going to hold your hand and help you with this motion over the next six months. What it really is about is about you having a sounding board as you transition into your new role, learn the political climate, and feel supported throughout your onboarding and the first months in the job.

Prosperity (P) Level

You’ll feel equipped to go for a promotion by having the right mindset and strategy to go ahead with it in complete certainty and self-assurance.  You’ll recognize what kind of jobs are a good fit for you so you can save the time, energy, and money as you pursue new opportunities.  You’ll own your true worth, stand in your power and feel confident to get the salary that you’re deserving of, knowing in your heart, without question, that you will get it.


Not only that, over the next 6 months…

  • You’ll be handheld through each step of your interview preparation
  • You’ll learn how to produce your personal brand story so that your career search is targeted, and you only spend energy on the jobs that are a great fit for you
  • You’ll get the secrets to construct interview stories that catapult you above all the candidates
  • You’ll have confidence to interview with absolute certainty
  • You’ll have a proven method to answer any interview question so that you stand out from all the other candidates
  • You’ll have deeper insight into your authentic value
  • You’ll understand how to express this to hiring managers so that you leave no doubt in their mind

V.I.P. Career Confidence coaching is designed to give you the tools that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Includes the V.I.P. Interview Prep Live Coaching program (value of $2449) for free.


Plus access to me so that you can be guided to deconstruct your interviews and prepare for the next

What could this type of ONE-ON-ONE coaching be worth to you?

What’s more, how much could it be worth to your future?

Imagine looking back ten or even twenty years from now…reaching the peak of your career and earning more money than you ever thought possible.

On the other hand, imagine not making it.

Imagine still being stuck in a dead-end job and earning far less than you’re actually worth.

If you’re interested in signing up for this program, then you must take action right away.

Because this is a 1-on-1 coaching program I can only work with so many people. 

After all, there are only so many hours in the day.

Are you ready to transform your career?


One thing you have to understand is that this is a lot more serious than most people realize.

Think about it: how many people ever reach the top of the food chain, how many people fulfill their career goals, and work a high prestige job where they make six or even seven figures…the answer is very few.

Don’t be one of those people…always settling for less than what you’re really worth!

If you want to join the top 1% then this coaching program is going to help you.

If you’re interested in this offer then sign up for the 15-Minute Career Solution call today.

6 Modules


This program is personalized for ,

We have some exciting work ahead🥳🥳🥳

The MemberVault platform allows me to place everything you need in one place.  As well, you will have unlimited access to your profile after you've completed your program.

When I see something additional that will benefit you, I will drop it here and let you know.  This is how I individualize my VIP Courage to Transition Your Career for you and what makes each client's journey their own.



Being seen and getting heard

Promoting yourself

Unique value connection

Increase confidence about networking strategy

Bonus #1


I've gifted you with a bonus. 🥳🥳🥳

With this exclusive bonus video and demonstration I'm giving you information on how to confidently apply your skills to new career fields that match your skills.  

So you can be even more successful when looking for your next position.



Step-by-step guidance through career planning process

Complete Focused Career Action Plan

Create your own personal brand for visibility

Sounding board and solution finder during implementation



Step-by-step guidance through career development process

Complete Focused Career Plan

Sounding board and solution finder for career directions

Building strong leadership and executive presence in the new workspace

Develop political savvy to successfully navigate office politics 

Create action plans to engage and mobilize employees

TCPPC Coaching Prep Form

After each session, complete the TCPPC Coaching Prep Form. Then return it to me at least 24 hours prior to your next coaching session.

Modules for this product 6
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