The Calm Zone - Stress & Anxiety Relief Package

Welcome to The Calm Zone! A place for relaxation and calmness.

The Calm Zone makes it easy to practice mindfulness, reduce anxiety and manage your stress.

Take a one-way ticket to relaxation with The Calm Zone.  With a guided visualization designed to bring you peace and wellness. 

Listen to this fast-acting stress reliever as often as you need to, whether in times of high pressure, or for everyday peace of mind.

Simultaneously create a sense of physical warmth and security, mentally quiet the mind, and move energy through your body promoting a deep state of calmness.

Use the checklists and assessments to learn your triggers, manage stress, and live a life of peace and tranquility.

4 Modules

Relaxation & Stress Relief Visualization

This guided audio is a one-way ticket to your Calm Zone!

This audio will help you shift out of a highly stressful state into a relaxed, peaceful mindset. It uses a combination of grounding techniques, as well as guided imagery and soothing background music to help you clear your mind and disconnect from the thoughts that are stressing you out.

Safety note:  Always remember, visualizations are not to be used while driving or operating heavy equipment!

Stress Assessment

Are you stressed or experiencing anxiety?

What's your stress level? 

Take this assessment and then find your calm zone today using the visualization.

The Calm Zone gives you tools to relax.

Checklist: The Importance of Solitude

Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Did you know that the effects solitude can have on your life are huge?

Understand that alone time is not the same as loneliness.

Find time for yourself every day.

That's why you should use The Calm Zone to find time away from it all.

Reduce stress and anxiety before they take over with The Calm Zone's "The Importance of Solitude" Checklist

Anxiety Self-Assessment

Do you need assistance managing your anxiety?

Feel symptoms of stress and anxiety creep into your life everyday?

One of the best ways to live in the comfort zone is to be successfully managing anxiety.

Find out your triggers with this anxiety self-assessment.

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