Power & Principles: Confidently Command Your Career (without compromising your values or personal life) Coaching

After working with hundreds of women I’ve discovered that far too many feel this way...

You are strong and proud Black women who are more than qualified…yet…for some reason, you feel totally stuck. Everything seems fine, but underneath the surface you are tired, frustrated, and becoming increasingly unsatisfied with the status quo at work.  Tired of the churn and burn of work. And feeling guilty about the lack of work-life balance.

This is why I created, Power & Principles: Confidently Command Your Career (without compromising your values or personal life), a 1-on-1 6 month coaching program for Black women.

Welcome to our coaching program designed especially for high-achieving Black female executives seeking balance, fulfillment, and growth in both their careers and personal lives.

Welcome to a comprehensive coaching journey, designed especially for high-achieving Black female executives seeking balance, fulfillment, and growth in both their careers and personal lives. 

Each module we offer is a stepping stone, constructed from years of expertise and a profound understanding of the challenges you face. Whether it's mastering the art of self-belief, navigating the job market maze, or ensuring you never leave a negotiation feeling short-changed, our holistic approach addresses every facet of your professional life.

Get ready to unleash your true potential with Power & Principles: Confidently Command Your Career. Here's a glimpse of the transformation you can expect:

Unshakeable Confidence Blueprint: Mastering Self-Belief & Banishing Doubt Forever
Stop letting doubt cripple your potential. This blueprint will reignite your core beliefs, making you unstoppable in any endeavor.

Ultimate Personal Power Playbook: Harnessing Your Strengths, Values, Needs & Skills for Unparalleled Success
Unlock the best version of yourself. Dive deep into your strengths and values, then harness them for success that leaves a mark.

Value & Wealth Warrior: Break Free to Earn What You Deserve
You're worth more than you're earning – I know it, you know it. Let's break those chains and elevate your income to match your true value.

 Crystal Clear Career Roadmap: Decoding the Path to Your Dream Job
Your dream job is no longer a mirage. Follow this roadmap, decode the steps, and stride confidently towards your career goals.

 Job Hunt Mastery Guide: The Insider Strategy to Landing Your Ideal Role
Job hunting shouldn't feel like a never-ending maze. Discover the secrets, master the hunt, and land the role you were made for.

LinkedIn Domination Blueprint: Amplify Your Network & Boost Career Opportunities 
LinkedIn’s more than just a platform; it’s a goldmine. Learn the strategies to dominate, amplify your presence, and magnetize opportunities.

Career Path Compass: Discovering the Organizations & Roles Tailored for You 
Stop wandering aimlessly in your career. Let the compass guide you to the roles and organizations where you’ll shine brightest.

 Hidden Job Goldmine: Secret Strategies to Unearth Unadvertised Opportunities 
The best opportunities aren't always advertised. Dive into this goldmine, unearth the secrets, and tap into the roles others don't even know exist.

 Goal-Getter’s GPS: Setting & Smashing Professional Targets with Precision 
Goals without a plan are just wishes. Activate your GPS, set your targets, and smash them with unprecedented precision.

Interview Invincibility Kit: Command Any Room & Secure Your Desired Position 
Turn interview jitters into sheer command. Walk into any room with confidence, leave a mark, and secure that dream position.

 Negotiation Ninja Masterclass: Maximizing Your Worth in Salary & Benefits 
Don’t leave money on the table. Become a negotiation ninja, maximize your worth, and ensure you get the package you truly deserve.

 Harmony, Happiness, and Hustle: Master the Art of Work-Life Balance 
Work hard, play hard, and find your harmony. Master the art of blending hustle with happiness, ensuring you thrive in every aspect of life.

Ready to elevate your career? Secure your spot for the 30-Minute Career Solution session now! I only onboard 4 clients a month, so space is limited. 

6 Modules


This program is personalized for ,

We have some exciting work ahead🥳🥳🥳

The MemberVault platform allows me to place everything you need in one place.  As well, you will have unlimited access to your profile after you've completed your program.

When I see something additional that will benefit you, I will drop it here and let you know.  This is how I individualize my VIP Career Services for you and what makes each client's journey their own.



Being seen and getting heard

Promoting yourself

Unique value connection

Increase confidence about networking strategy

Bonus #1


I've gifted you with a bonus. 🥳🥳🥳

With this exclusive bonus video and demonstration I'm giving you information on how to confidently apply your skills to new career fields that match your skills.  

So you can be even more successful when looking for your next position.



Step-by-step guidance through career planning process

Complete Focused Career Action Plan

Create your own personal brand for visibility

Sounding board and solution finder during implementation



Step-by-step guidance through career development process

Complete Focused Career Plan

Sounding board and solution finder for career directions

Building strong leadership and executive presence in the new workspace

Develop political savvy to successfully navigate office politics 

Create action plans to engage and mobilize employees

TCPPC Coaching Prep Form

After each session, complete the TCPPC Coaching Prep Form. Then return it to me at least 24 hours prior to your next coaching session.

Modules for this product 6
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